The Rylor, LLC. Affiliate Program

The Rylor Affiliate program has been established so that our Affiliates could assist Rylor LLC. in selling unique city listings on Rylor websites for a residual commission income.

What websites have been developed by Rylor?

American Money Lenders
Estate Planning Providers
My Annuity America
American House Listings
American CPA Providers

How do our websites work?

Rylor websites are informational directories that satisfy the needs of the buyers and the sellers in specific industries. For example, let us pretend that we are looking for information about a pet trust and we reside in Peoria, AZ. We would execute a Google search that would look like, “pet trust peoria az”. This would provide us with a search result like the following.

This search result links to a page at that is dedicated to providing information and benefits to having a pet trust for residents in Peoria, AZ.

The page also provides the user with an estate planning provider that can assist the user in creating a pet trust in the form of a Rylor website listing.

Provider Listing

What is a Rylor website listing?

A Rylor website listing is an industry specific micro website of sorts nested inside a Rylor industry specific website. The website listings include;
• A map of the vendor’s location.
• A profile/about us section that allows the vendor to inform the user about their company.
• A testimonial section that enables the vendor to provide testimonials from past and current customers.
• A coupon/specials section that empowers the vendor with the ability to create a specific call to action in the form of a coupon or special.
• A services section. Every vendor is unique and opposed to boxing our vendors in, we have provided them with a section that allows them to express their individuality by showcasing to their prospects all of the services that they offer.
• Address
• Phone Number
• Website Link
• Hours of Operation
• Services Offered
• Contact Form (captcha protected)

Once a user has reached a specific Rylor website listing, the entire site is then automatically converted to be specific to the city and state that the website listing is in, so in a way making the entire Rylor website unique to that specific vendor.

How many website listings can be sold in one city?

There is only one (1) unique vendor allowed per city per industry. These specific sites are sold on a first come first served basis. Vendors can purchase multiple city/listings if the cities are available.

How much do the listings cost?

The vendor is charged a $29.95 setup fee and $99.99 monthly per listing. If the vendor signs up using your unique affiliate coupon code, the setup fee is waived, and they will receive the first three (3) months for the price of one (1) month.

What is the commission structure for each affiliate?

Each affiliate receives 15% of all monthly website listings they have placed that month using that affiliates unique coupon code. The affiliate will receive this commission for as long as the website listing(s) stays in force, and the vendor is in good standing and current on their monthly subscription fee. If a vendor is not current, the affiliate will not receive any commission for that month. If the vendor gets his subscription renewed and is in good standing, and paid current, the affiliate will again receive the commission.

Are there any requirements of the affiliates in the Rylor Affiliate Program?

Yes, all affiliates are required to:

• Represent Rylor in a manner approved by Rylor, LLC.

• Each affiliate must maintain at least thirty (30) Active Website City Listings every month after their first ninety (90) days.

• If an affiliate falls below the thirty (30) Active Website City Listings for sixty (60) consecutive day, then Rylor, LLC reserves the right to cancel the affiliate contract

• An affiliate agreement must be completed before an affiliate can begin representing Rylor, LLC. Each affiliate is an independent contractor, not an employee of Rylor.

• An IRS W9 Form must be completed by all affiliates. Commissions will be disbursed on a 1099 (independent contractor) basis. Rylor will not withhold any taxes, federal or state and each affiliate is responsible for their own taxes, and accounting.

Will sales aids be provided by Rylor, LLC.?

Yes, Rylor, LLC. will provide you with approved sales verbiage, videos and other sales aids, and only approved sales aids may be used by the affiliate.